Haitian Hope on the Rocks – Security Assistance to Haiti Blocked 

By Sebastian Saenz

On Friday, January 26th, 2024, the Kenyan Supreme Court ruled against the deployment of over 1,000 police officers to the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. This news comes less than two years after Haiti called for international intervention to provide support to restore civil order.  The U.N. had previously approved the deployment. 

Since 2020, Port-au-Prince has been the target of gang violence. Media reports describe gangs currently controlling 80-90% of the capital, severely affecting the safety of Haitian citizens. For many, leaving their homes is not an option as the number of deaths has doubled since last year. Additionally, gang blockades on main roads have caused the prices of products to increase substantially.  

CEDC stands with the Haitian people during these difficult times. Since 2009 CEDC has worked alongside the residents of Cange, Haiti helping to address problems in water, food production, health care, and infrastructure. 

CEDC is a student-led organization. Through the core values of accountability, commitment, and service, members of CEDC continue to take the initiative to develop sustainable solutions alongside partner organizations and the communities they serve. Information regarding CEDC and their projects can be found at https://cecas.clemson.edu/cedc/. Additionally, you can contact the Faculty Director, David Vaughn, at dev@clemson.edu or email CEDC directly at cedc@clemson.edu.   

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