Cange Latrine and Biodigester

2011 - 2013

The Cange External Clinic Latrine, Biodigester, and Wetlands project began construction in 2012 and was completed in 2013. It was created as an effort to provide sanitary restroom facilities to the patients treated at the External Clinic at the hospital in Cange, while treating waste sustainably ...
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Cange Municipal Water Project

2009 - 2012

The first and keystone project of CEDC: the Cange Municipal Water Project is a water treatment and distribution project for the village of Cange. This 1.2 million dollar project was financed by the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina (EDUSC) as part of their "Partnership Cange" relationship and serves roughly 10,000 people with potable water ...
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Center of Excellence

The work and impact that Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries has had in Haiti are unique in their breadth and effectiveness. While the work that has been done has been successful, much more work still needs to be done in order to improve the overall quality of life in Haiti to international standards. Based on this premise, CEDC has an opportunity to expand and continue its work in order to positively affect even more communities. In order to accomplish this, our mission is to establish a living-learning Center of Excellence in the Central Plateau of Haiti to be a base through which CEDC can continue its work and a model that addresses global challenges and sustainable development goals.

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Community Health

The Community Health project was started this semester as a collaboration between Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries and physicians working with the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina. The goal of the Community Health project is ultimately to treat the large number of chronic hypertension cases in the Central Plateau of Haiti.

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Concrete Masonry Unit

The Concrete Masonry Unit project (CMU) aims to establish a reliable and economical production model for CMU produced in Haiti’s Central Plateau that includes recommendations for souring materials, manufacturing, and distribution, as well as a testing mechanism that is appropriate, consistent, and easy to operate. The project draws inspiration from the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010.

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DIY Water Filter

Due to the limited amount of resources and lack of advanced tools in rural Haiti, clean water is a luxury many simply cannot afford. Many different communities do not have the financial ability to have a properly working water filter. This is where the DIY Water Filter team steps in. The main goal is to help provide a simple, yet effective water filter that can be developed using the materials in Haiti that are cheap and inexpensive.

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