Ecole Bon Saveur Latrines

2014 - 2015

Construction for the latrines for the Ecole Bon Saveur school started in 2014 and was completed in 2015. This major project provided flush toilets and urinals for the hundreds of students who attend this local Episcopal school in Cange. Prior to their completion, all ...
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Grand Savane

The Grand Savane is a 105-acre plateau, resting 800 feet above the village of Cange in the Central Plateau of Haiti. This plateau cycles through seasonal drought caused by the drastic change in rainfall that can be observed for half of the year. The large change in rainfall prevents farmers of Cange and surrounding areas to have year-round income and produce higher yields.

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Zanmi Lasante is currently reliant on the Haitian grid, which can be unreliable with frequent power outages, and a diesel generator, which is expensive for its electricity. In order to address the inconsistent and expensive electricity, our mission as the hydropower group is to develop a reliable, consistent, and safe source of power for Cange by using the water pressure from the nearby spring.

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Morne Michel

Within the Central Plateau of Haiti, there are numerous rural communities that are isolated from important resources such as hospitals, markets, and educational institutions due to a lack of infrastructure. While there are established transportation systems in the country, there are communities located in mountainous areas where there is no established infrastructure. One specific community in the Central Plateau is the village of Morne Michel.

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Morne Michel School Repairs


In 2015, CEDC and Trinity Cathedral in Columbia, SC worked together to repair the St. Jean School at the village of Morne Michel in the Central Plateau of Haiti. Interns worked to create a solution to the terrible drainage around the courtyard, the leaking school roof, and eroding foundation along with providing light at night ...
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Ram Pump

Due to a lack of water resources, people in Haiti must resort to finding water from sources such as rivers, ponds, and waterfalls. Because of this region’s mountainous terrain, this essential task becomes very strenuous and time inefficient. Our goal is to improve water accessibility in developing countries through ram pump construction and information distribution.

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