Cell Culture and Fermentation
Optimization Lab

BioE 3210 BioFluid Mechanics

Introduces mechanics of biological fluids (e.g., blood, synovial fluid and physiological solutions) with an emphasis on the formation of biological problems within the context of (1) kinematics, (2) the concept of stress, (3) linear momentum balance, (4) constitutive relations and (5) boundary conditions.

Preq: CE 2010 (Statics) and MATH 2080 (Differential Equations)


Fluid Dynamics

BioE 4400/6400 Biopharmaceutical Engineering

Explores the principles necessary to use microorganisms, tissue culture, and enzymes in bioengineering applications, including molecular techniques, fermentation, process scale-up, purification processes, and FDA regulations. emphasizes production of biopharmaceuticals derived from recombinant systems, including uses in medical systems.

Preq: BCHM 3050 (Essential Elements of Biochemistry) or consent of instructor.



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