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Liquefaction Album

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Sand Boiling

Photo 1: Sand boiling  in Guken, Yunlin County

Photo 2: Sand boiling at Shigang dam site, Nantou County

Photo 3: Sand boiling in a peanut field  in Nantou City

Photo 4: Sand boiling on a street of Nantou City

Photo 5: A line of sand boils in Shengang, Zhanghua County

Photo 6: Sand boiling hole with a diameter of 2.3 m in Zhanghua County

Photo 7: Large scale sand boiling in Zhangbin Industrial Park, Zhanghua

Photo 8: Widespread sand boiling in Zhangbin Industrial Park

Photo 9: Widespread sand boiling at Taichung Port

Photo 10: A close up of sand boiling path

Photo 11: Sand boils in a room in Lunya-Li in Yuanlin Town

Photo 12: A sand boiling case at Prince Castle, Wufeng Town

Photo 13: Sand boils in a house at Shetou

Photo 14: Sand boils surrounded a resident house in Zhanghua County

Photo 15: Cone shape sand boils near a fence of a house at Wufeng


Photo 1: Settlement in Shengang, Zhanghua County

Photo 2. Settlement on a dike near Li-Mei Bridge in Nantou

Photo 3: Tilting of a building due to liquefaction (shown with sand boils) 

Photo 4: Liquefaction-induced settlement of a dike in Nantou

Photo 5: Settlement on a street of Nantou

Photo 6: Tilting of a resident building in Wufeng

Photo 7: Liquefaction-induced settlement at Taichung Port

Photo 8: A old well settled by liquefaction in Yuanlin Town

Photo 9: Settlement of a house due to liquefaction at Shetou

Photo 10: Foundation settled and floor heaved by 1 m at Wufeng

Lateral Spreading

Photo 1: Lateral spreading and settlement of  a concrete dike 

Photo 2: Lateral spreading of a dike in Nantou City

Photo 3: Lateral-spreading induced failure of a dike in Nantou

Photo 4: Lateral spreading in a parking lot next to a creek in Wufeng

Photo 5: Lateral spreading caused levee failure, road settlement at Wufeng


Photos credit: 

1. Sand boiling -  Photos 1-10: Der-Her Lee;  Photos 11, 13, 14: Sheng-Huoo Ni; Photos 12, 15: Bin-Lin Chu.

2. Settlement -  Photos 1-7: Der-Her Lee;  Photos 8-9: Sheng-Huoo Ni; Photo 10: Bin-Lin Chu.

3. Lateral spreading -  Photos 1-2: Der-Her Lee;  Photo 3: Sheng-Huoo Ni; Photos 4-5: Bin-Lin Chu.



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