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Wireless Communication Systems and Networks

Applications of trellis-coded modulation to mobile radio; investigation of acquisition requirements for mobile direct-sequence spread spectrum radio systems; capacity of CDMA and other mobile spread-spectrum radio systems and networks; interconnection with wide area networks; multimedia communications

Packet Radio Network Protocols

Design and analysis of protocols for packet radio networks; adaptive routing, forwarding, and retransmission techniques; survivable radio networks; protocols for spread-spectrum packet radio networks; ARQ and hybrid ARQ schemes for data transmission; simulation of packet radio networks to determine throughput, delay, and other performance parameters for different signaling schemes and network protocols; evaluation of network performance in adapting to changes in traffic, interference, and topology; use of side information in network protocols

Modulation, Coding, and Receiver Processing for Fading Channels

Characterization of fading channels; waveform design for frequency-selective fading channels; use of coding and coded modulation to combat fading and interference in both wideband and bandlimited channels; diversity transmission and diversity combining schemes; receiver processing techniques including the use of rake receivers; applications to HF, VHF, and UHF mobile radio communications

Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems

Synchronization methods for direct-sequence and frequency-hop communication systems; signal analysis and sequence design for spread-spectrum communications; increased anti-jam and multiple-access capabilities for frequency-hop spread-spectrum signaling; development and use of side information to enhance demodulation and decoding in spread-spectrum receivers; development of computer software to assist in the analysis of the effects of linear filtering and channel distortion on the performance of direct-sequence spread spectrum; CDMA mobile cellular communications
Theory and Applications of Error-Control Codes

Use of advanced error-control coding techniques to provide interference protection and efficient operation of communication systems; adaptive methods in error-control coding; applications of coding theory to the design of sequences with good correlation properties; design of efficient decoding algorithms for error-control codes; applications of error-control coding in digital communication systems and wireless information networks


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