Synthetic Biology and Microbiome Engineering

Lab Members
Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Diptee Chaulagain

Ph.D. Genetics, Clemson University

Diptee works on synthetic biology of marine microbes to create multifunctional consortia for marine infrastructure.
Graduate Students

Lauren Elizabeth Franklin

B.S. Engineering, Bob Jones University

Lauren Elizabeth is a second year Ph.D. student and uses in vitro experiments to understand and ultimately engineer the human skin microbiome.

Narges Shamabadi

B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology
M.S., Microbiology.

Narges focuses on bioinformatics and lab automation for in vitro microbiome studies and microbial community engineering.
Undergraduate Lab Members
Skyler Ward, 2019
Zachary Ballard, 2019

Julia Hannam, 2019
Delayne Di Gangi, 2019
Javier Peralta, 2019
Henry Randall, 2019
Gina ValeCruz, 2019-2020
Julia Tenhover, 2019-2021