Synthetic Biology and Microbiome Engineering

BIOE 3460 (Spring): Biomolecular Thermodynamics

An introduction to the laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic state functions (internal energy, enthalpy, entropy, free energy, and heat capacities), chemical potentials, and their application to bioengineering problems.

BIOE 4470/6470 (Spring): Synthetic Biology Fundamentals

Synthetic biology applies engineering principles to design and implement new biological systems and living organisms. The course will cover approaches and tools for biological design, modeling, implementation, and debugging. Topics include gene regulatory networks, DNA assembly, modeling, biosensor development, and applications in the clinic, industry, and the environment.

BIOE 4910: Independent Research

Students interested in independent research are encouraged to get in touch. Possible research topics cover a broad range of areas, including both modeling work, bioinformatics and experimental work.

Past Courses
BIOE 8500: Introduction to Synthetic Biology