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November 6, 2009; 11:00 AM; Myrtle Beach Convention Center

The meeting was called to order by Past-President Alan Weekes. The President, Dina Ledford, was not present and the Vice-President slot has been vacant since Peter Walton left the state two years ago. Six people attended the meeting. Treasurer Becky Pugh reported a balance of $692 in the treasury so the group decided unanimously not to charge dues this year. SCESTA did have to pay $35 for an exhibit table (outside of the main exhibit area); but that was our only conference expense. Surprisingly, we were the only affiliate organization to have a display table set up at SC2.

Elections were held last year (2008), so Dina Ledford (President) and Becky Pugh (Treasurer) still have one year remaining in their current two-year terms. A special election was held for Vice-President and Derenda Marshall was elected (for one year). Regular elections will be held on schedule at the November 2010 SCESTA meeting.

Alan Weekes volunteered to schedule and host the SCESTA Share-a-Thon again next year, but the Share-a-Thon will start off with the SCESTA business meeting (we will combine these two items into a single session) in hopes that attendance will be higher. The officers will try to get the OEST Award presentation moved to the SC2 business meeting; but if that is not possible, the award will be presented at the combined Share-a-Thon/business meeting session.

Several new teachers signed up for SCESTA at the exhibit booth. Becky Pugh will add them to our membership list and send e-mail addresses to John Wagner for inclusion in the SCESTA listserve.

John Wagner presented Derenda Marshall with the 2009 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award for South Carolina, consisting of a plaque and two checks. Nominations are now open for the 2010 award competition. Nominations can also be made on-line at the NAGT website:

Nancy Parson won the grand prize door prize of a Large-Sample box of South Carolina rocks (prepared by the South Carolina Geological Survey for the Clemson SC Studies Program). Everyone else received a variety of posters of their choice.

There being no other new business, Past-President Alan Weekes adjourned the meeting.