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National Center for Earth and Space Science Education Launches new Blog on the Universe

The newly launched Blog on the Universe is dedicated to helping teachers and parents make science an adventure. Every week you can use Dr. Jeff's new conceptual nuggets and challenges to foster deep and inspiring discussions in the classroom and at home. The idea is to help make the nature of the world understandable to students, and teachable by teachers, so we can take a ride to the frontiers of human exploration---together.

Besides the compelling posts, the blog includes Resource Pages on the nature of our existence in a greater universe, the art of teaching, the power of models in learning environments, powerful quotes on human exploration, a look at climate change, and resource lists for teachers, parents, and community leaders.

Get emotional about science. Visit Dr Jeff's Blog on the Universe

Organization Links

National Earth Science Teachers Association

National Association of Geoscience Teachers

South Carolina Science Council

Teacher Links



SCDNR’s Earth Science Education Teacher Outreach

National Geographic Link to Lesson Plans on the Southeast

Paleontological Research Institution Southeast Teaching Guide

Climate Change Resource from George Washington University

The Water Cycle from the USGS Water Science Basics

Teacher Websites

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Dr. Alan Weekes, Pickens Middle School

Donna M. Petty, E. L. Wright Middle School

Dr. Carey Murphy, Longleaf Middle School

Earth Science News Links

New York Times -- Earth Science (Updated daily)

New York Times College Subects -- Resources for Students and Faculty

  • Geology (Updated frequently)
  • Geophysics/Seismology (Updated frequently)
  • Paleontology (Updated frequently)
  • Oceanography/Marine Science (Updated frequently)
  • Astronomy/Astrophysics (Updated frequently)
  • Atmospheric Sciences (Updated frequently) Environmental Studies (Updated frequently)

UC Davis-- Geology, Oceanography, Paleontology (Updated frequently)

Houghton Mifflin Earth Science News (Updated frequently)

Palaeontologia Electronica (Semi-annual publication)

Other Links

River Ventures

Internet4Classrooms Site with an Amazing Collection of Links to Earth, Physical, and Life Sciences

Montana's Earth Science Picture of the Week

US Geological Survey

Clemson University Geological Science

Bob Campbell Geology Museum


NASA Global Precipitation Measurement

Nebraska Earth Science Education Network

Yahoo Earth Science Directory

Mining Association of S.C.

Environmental Research and Education Foundation


Johns Hopkins State Map Site

USGS Biological Diversity Information

Central Michigan Uuniversity - Resources for Geography and Earth Science Instruction