Two-photon Light-Sheet/FRAP Microscopy​​

We develop two-photon scanned light-sheet based microscopy with high volumetric imaging speed to investigate diffusion processes in the extracellular matrix or matrical materials.​

High resolution Imaging in Orthopedics​

We develop imaging devices and methods to evaluate structures and functions in musculoskeletal tissues, such as articular cartilage, meniscus, and ligaments.

Image Processing and Deep Learning​

We develop image processing algorithms, including deep learning-based algorithms, to improve the accuracy and the speed of quantitative image analysis. ​

Nonlinear Optical Microscopy​

We build novel laser scanning microscopes which utilize nonlinear optical signals from biological organisms for studying cell and tissue functions.

STED Superresolution Microscopy​​

We develop wavefront shaping techniques to improve the stimulated emission depletion efficiency in imaging thick tissues with STED microscopy.

Structural and Functional Imaging of Cardiac Muscles​​

We use advanced optical microscopy such as two-photon scanned light-sheet, second harmonic generation, and STED microscopies to study structures and functions of cardiac muscles with high spatiotemporal resolution. ​