Laboratory of Orthopaedic Tissue Regeneration and Orthobiologics

Welcome to the Laboratory of Orthopaedic Tissue Regeneration and Orthobiologics
(OrthO-X Lab)!

Our lab focuses on the development of regenerative medicine technologies used to restore the anatomy and physiology of damaged or diseased musculoskeletal tissues (including intervertebral discs, articular cartilage and tendons). Our general approach involves engineering biomaterials which mimic the native tissue micro-architecture and serve as support structures for various cell sources including primary cells derived from orthopaedic tissues as well as different populations of stem cells. We are currently undertaking multiple projects which span the research and development continuum including projects which are short-term and may be directly translatable into a clinical application to those which are considered basic science or experimental (geared towards understanding orthopaedic disease processes or regenerating tissues from the ground up).

The lab was founded in August 2013 by Jeremy Mercuri, PhD and is composed of both graduate and undergraduate students who work diligently together to lead projects and maintain collaborations with clinicians and medical device industry representatives.

We want to thank you for visiting our website and for your continued interest in our research group. Please feel free to leave us a message if you have any further questions or would like to get in contact with us directly. You can also follow us on our twitter page @MercuriLab.

1. Congratulations Vishal Thomas for being awarded the 2023 Outstanding Graduate Teacher of Record Award and the Outstanding Graduate Bioengineering Teaching Assistant Award. 2.Thank you Dr. John Gilpin for your continued support of the Ortho-X lab.