Laboratory for Retrieval Research and Reprocessing of Medical Devices
What is Reprocessing?
  • "Reprocessing" is a new FDA-regulated practice in healthcare
  • Reprocessing involves sending off single-use medical devices to specialized facilities to be cleaned and tested before they are resold to hospitals for reuse
  • Reprocessing impacts design decisions made by engineers. However, there are no engineering training programs for medical device reprocessing

What is GreenMD?
  • GreenMD is a unique Medical Device Recycling and Reprocessing certificate program at Clemson University
  • Broad Objective: to train engineers to optimize medical device designs for reprocessing and to promote sustainability in healthcare through device design for recycling
  • The program is branded GreenMD to signify "green medical device" - logo designed to convey "sustainability in healthcare"
Why Get Involved?
  • Learn to optimize medical device designs for sustainability in healthcare
  • Gain skills in reprocessing validation methods for industry to assure patient safety while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Develop medical device commercialization strategies

     Medical Device Industry:
  • Gain access to highly trained biotechnology students as they become specialists in this new paradigm in healthcare
  • Increase after-market potential of your existing medical devices
  • Support sustainability in your industry and community
GreenMD is seeking…
  • Industry partners to provide internship opportunities for GreenMD students
  • Companies needing contract research related to medical device reprocessing and recycling
GreenMD Highlights and Accomplishments

May 2013 GreenMD researchers establish reprocessing lab at CUBEInC in Greenville, SC
April 2014 GreenMD researchers present studies at national meeting of the Society for Biomaterials in Denver, CO
Oct. 2014 GreenMD researchers gain national recognition from the Biomedical Engineering Society in San Antonio, TX
Dec. 2014 First two BIOE and are now employed in the medical device industry
Jan. 2015   GreenMD featured at GHS Surgical Summit
March 2015 Clemson Bioengineering hosts the GreenMD Industry Roundtable with guest speaker Ken Gordon from Steris Isomedix
March 2015 Clemson University seeks trademark protection for GreenMD
April 2015 GreenMD researchers present their work at the Southeast Medical Device Association in Atlanta, GA
May 2015 GreenMD recognized by External Advisory Board for providing unique educational content for Bioengineering Dept.
Dec. 2015 Two BIOE students graduate with GreenMD certificate after completing internships with medical device industries
Aug. 2016 GreenMD certificate students featured in Clemson University news article
Dec. 2016 10th student successfully graduates with GreenMD certificate after completing internship with FDA
2013-2016 230 engineering grad students have enrolled in GreenMD courses as electives
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