Laboratory for Retrieval Research and Reprocessing of Medical Devices
Welcome to the RE-MED Laboratory!

The laboratory for Retrieval Research and Reprocessing of Medical Devices, or RE-MED, is housed at the Clemson University Biomedical Engineering Innovation Campus in Greenville, South Carolina.  RE-MED represents an intersection of medicine and technology providing a link between medical professionals, engineers and innovators.  Under the leadership of Melinda Harman, RE-MED undergraduate and graduate students work together with clinical and industrial collaborators toward a common mission.

The mission of RE-MED is to improve the safety and effectiveness of medical device technology, focusing on systematic assessments that foster biomedical innovation.  RE-MED scientists use quantitative metrology and proven scientific methods to evaluate medical device technology.  Assessments occur during various stages of development and under end-use diagnostic and treatment conditions.  Reports generated from RE-MED provide mechanisms for continuous feedback to the medical device field, involving healthcare, manufacturing and regulatory sectors.

Research Platforms and Innovations
OrthoWatch: OrthoWatch is a post-marketing surveillance program integrating performance evaluations of joint prostheses with clinical outcomes and implant retrieval analysis.

GreenMD: GreenMD is an engineering research and training program focused on optimizing medical device designs for reprocessing and reuse and promoting medical device sustainability.

Re-Med Group

Melinda Harman, Ph.D.
Phone: 864-656-4140



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