From Left to Right:  Nicholas Gregorich, Alesandra Lee, Emily Miller, Prof. Eric M. Davis, Apoorv Balwani, Allison Domhoff, Kenetra Johnson (not pictured – Jacob Steele)

The Davis research group looks at the fundamental relationship between polymer structure, transport phenomena, and polymer physics. Our current research focuses on the development of structure-processing-property relationships of polymer membranes for energy storage and delivery applications including fuel cells and redox flow batteries, as well as membranes for water desalination and moisture barrier applications. In these efforts, we utilize a variety of spectroscopic and scattering techniques, as well as poromechanics for characterizing both structure and transport of advanced functional polymers. Through the use of these powerful characterization techniques and analyses, we hope to shed light on polymer physics phenomena, as well as aid in the development of next-generation polymer membranes for a number of real-world applications.

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