Teaching Philosophy

My love for teaching and education began during the days I spent watching my father teach high school summer classes. He passed onto me his passion for education, as well as the drive to learn new and exciting areas in order to grow and challenge oneself intellectually. There are many challenges that come with teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. One of the most important of these is the challenge that not every student responds equally to a certain teaching style or mechanism. It is important to use feedback from students to develop an array of teaching methods that are effective at delivering knowledge to the students.

Furthermore, I believe that a great deal of learning not only happens inside the classroom, but also inside of the lab. It is the knowledge gained in the laboratory that is vitally important for the growth and maturation of a graduate student, ultimately helping these students develop into successful experimentalists and critical scientific thinkers.

Courses Taught

Advanced Transport Phenomena (CHE 8030) – F16, F17, F18

Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer (CHE 2300/2301) – S16, S17, S18, S19

Unit Operations Lab I (CHE 3070/3071) – Summer18

Unit Operations Lab II (CHE 4070/4071) – F15