Grad Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Soltani, Morteza (Ph.D. Industrial Engineering/OR), Fall 2019-present

Completed Students (Ph.D. and M.S.)

Abdul-Malak, David T. (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR). Operations and Maintenance Optimization of Stochastic Systems: Three Essays. December 2018. Sponsor: National Science Foundation. (David is now a Senior Quantitative Analyst at PNC Bank.)

Bhattacharya, Arnab (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR). Optimal Energy Storage Strategies in Microgrids. December 2017. Sponsors: MCSI, Department of VA. (Arnab is now a Staff Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.)

Flory, John A. (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR). Optimal Replacement Strategies for Wind Energy Systems. August 2013. Sponsors: National Science Foundation and Post-9/11 GI Bill. (John joined Sandia National Laboratory in September 2013.)

Degirmenci, Guvenc (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR). Performance Analysis and Optimization of Query-Based Wireless Sensor Networks. April 2013. Sponsor: National Science Foundation. (Guvenc is a Senior Scientist at Amazon.)

Cordeiro, James (Ph.D., Operations Research). Unreliable Retrial Queues in a Random Environment. September 2007. Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research. (Jim is an Assistant Professor in the Dept of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Dayton.)

Sherman, Nathan P. (Ph.D., Operations Research). Analysis and Control of Unreliable, Single-Server Retrial Queues with Infinite-Capacity Orbit and Normal Queue. June 2006. Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Cox, Steven M. (Ph.D., Operations Research), Hybrid Stochastic Models for Remaining Lifetime Prognosis, August 2004.  Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Crawford, Brian (M.S., Operations Research), Approximate Analysis of an Unreliable M/M/2 Retrial Queue. March 2007. Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Kallemyn, Benjamin (M.S., Operations Research), Prioritizing Satellite Payload Selection via Optimization. March 2007. Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense.

Boother, Timothy B. (M.S., Operations Research), Optimal Periodic Inspection of a Stochastically Degrading System. March 2006.

Flory, John A. (M.S., Operations Research), Optimizing Mean Mission Duration for Multiple-Payload Satellites. March 2006. Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense.

Cook, Timothy (M.S. Operations Research), Optimal Maintenance for Stochastically Degrading Satellite Constellations, March 2005. Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense.

Gulyas, Cole (M.S. Operations Research), Stochastic Capability Models for Satellite Constellations, March 2005. Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense.

Offutt, Edwin (M.S. Operations Research), Selection and Application of Distorted Risk Measures, March 2005.

Plourde, Jennifer (M.S. Operations Research), Optimal Sampling of a Chemical Hazard Area, March 2005. Sponsor: Air Force Research Laboratory. (Jennifer has since graduated from medical school at the University of New Mexico.)

Chapin, Patrick (M.S., Operations Research), Age Replacement and Service Rate Control of Stochastically Degrading Queues, March 2004. (Patrick completed a Ph.D. in Statistics at Iowa State University.)

Finkelstein, Daniel (M.S., Applied Mathematics), Analytical Results for Single-Unit Systems Subject to Markovian Wear and Shocks, March 2004.  (Most Exceptional M.S. Thesis in Operational Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering and Management. Dan completed a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia and is Assistant Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy.)

Solo, Christopher (M.S., Operations Research), Phase-Type Approximations for Wear Processes in a Semi-Markov Environment, March 2004. (Chris completed a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at Penn State University, was Assistant Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy and is now an Adjunct Professor at Penn State.)

Cho, J.I. (M.S., Systems Engineering), Shortest Path Problems in a Stochastic and Dynamic Environment, March 2003.

Hendrixon, Jennifer (M.S., Operations Research), Analysis of Scheduling Policies for a M/G/1 Queue with Rework, March 2003.

Sherman, Nathan P. (M.S., Operations Research), A Stochastic Model for Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (JRSOI), March 2003.  (Winner – Most Exceptional M.S. Thesis in Operational Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering and Management. Nate completed a Ph.D. in Operations Research at AFIT.)

Sipe, Jeff (M.S., Applied Mathematics), Transient Analysis and Applications of Markov Reward Processes, March 2003. (Jeff later earned an MS in Statistics at Duke University.)

Sumter, Bradley (M.S., Operations Research), Optimal Replacement Policies for Satellite Constellations, March 2003.

Yager, Nicholas (M.S., Operations Research), Models for Sortie Generation with Autonomic Logistics Capabilities, March 2003.

Committee Involvement

Gulcan, Berkay (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Clemson). Stochastic Optimization for Renewable Energy System Design and Operations. Expected August 2021. Advisor: Dr. Yongjia Song.

Wan, Yijia (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Pittsburgh). Structured Strategies for Learning and Exploration in Sequential Decision Making. Expected August 2021. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Jiang.

Shadi Sanoubar, Shadi (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Pittsburgh). Temporal and Spatial Considerations in Maintenance Planning. Expected August 2021. Advisors: Drs. Lisa Maillart and Oleg Prokopyev.

Javier, Kayla (Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences, Clemson). A Study of Quasi-Birth-Death Processes and Markovian Bitcoin Models. August 2020. Advisor: Dr. Brian Fralix.

Streiner, Scott (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Pittsburgh).  A Systematic Inquiry on Global Engineering Education: Strategies and Impact.  August 2017.  Advisors: Drs. Mary Besterfield-Sacre and Larry Shuman.

He, Kai (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Pittsburgh). Optimal Maintenance Planning in Novel Settings. December 2016. Advisors: Drs. Lisa Maillart and Oleg Prokopyev.

Dehghanian, Amin (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Pittsburgh). Integer Programming Approaches to Stochastic Games Arising in Paired Kidney Exchange and Industrial Organization. August 2015. Advisor: Dr. Andrew Schaefer.

Korytowski, Matthew J. (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Pittsburgh). Effects of the Phase Locked Loop on the Stability of a Voltage Source Converter in a Weak Grid Environment . December 2014. Advisor: Dr. Greg Reed.

Khademi, Amin (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Pittsburgh). Managing HIV Treatment in Resource-Limited and Dynamic Environments. August 2013. Advisor: Dr. Andrew Schaefer.

Icten, Zeynep Gozde (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering/OR, Pittsburgh). Markov Decision Process Models for Improving Equity in Liver Allocation. December 2011. Advisor: Dr. Lisa Maillart.

Claypool, Erin (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Pittsburgh). Assessing and Mitigating Risk in a Design for Supply Chain Problem. May 2011. Advisors: Drs. Bryan Norman and Kimberly Needy.

Mann, Christopher (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, AFIT), Energy-Efficient Querying of Wireless Sensor Networks. September 2007. Advisor: Dr. Rusty Baldwin.

Decker, Douglas (Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, AFIT), Decision Factors for Cooperative Multiple Warhead UAV Target Classification and Attack with Control Applications. March 2005. Advisor: Dr. David Jacques.

Flint, Matthew (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati), Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Search in Dynamic Environments Using Stochastic Methods. December 2004. Advisor: Dr. Emmanuel Fernandez.

Peterson, Brian (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, AFIT), Device Discovery in Frequency Hopping Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, September 2004. Advisor: Dr. Rusty Baldwin.

Clutz, Tom (Ph.D., Operations Research, AFIT), A Framework for Prognostics Reasoning, March 2003. Advisor: Dr. Ken Bauer, Jr.

Shenoy, Rashmi (M.S., Industrial Engineering, Northeastern University), Misuse and Performance of XmR Statistical Quality Control Charts for Single Parameter Distributions of Unknown Stability. May 2008. Advisor: Dr. James Benneyan.

Woodward, William (M.S., Operations Research, AFIT), Measuring the Risk of Shortfalls in Air Force Capabilities, March 2004. Advisor: Dr. Richard Deckro.

Flietstra, Timothy (M.S., Operations Research, AFIT), An Integrated Architecture and Feature Selection Algorithm for Radial Basis Neural Networks, March 2002. (Most Exceptional M.S. Thesis in Operational Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering and Management.) Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Bauer, Jr.