Prof. Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte

Expertise in Micromanufacturing,  Biomanufacturing, Carbonaceous Materials, Electrokinetics, Microfluidics, Bacteria, Composites, Healthcare Diagnostics, Multi-Cultural Collaboration

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Graduate Students

Devin Keck
Devin Keck
PhD Candidate
Light Induced DEP, Biofabrication

Sindora Baddam

Undergraduate Researchers

Callie Stuart
Callie Stuart

Theresa Earls
Theresa Earls
Chemical Engineering

Gabriel Carrillo
Materials Science and Engineering

Quin Kieu
General Engineering

Cora Bisbee

Carly Hammond
Biological Sciences

Emma Barnett


Max Vogel
Animal and Veterinary Science

Caleb Bush

Mechanical Engineering

Kristy Kuoch

Chemical Engineering

Jade Richard



Sourabh Karmakar, Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2018
Philip Gee, Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2018
Sam Muhamed, MS
, Mechanical Engineering, 2017-2018
Sarah Mell,
Materials Science, 2018
Rucha Natu, PhD
, Mechanical Engineering, 2013-2018, Now at the US FDA
Annie Barnett,
Materials Science, 2018
Meredith Hammer,
 Microbiology, 2016-2018
Kollin Campbell, SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, Summer 2018
Michael Madden, SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, Summer 2018
Monsur Islam, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, 2014-2018, Now at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Mary Grace Heustess,
Health Sciences, 2016-2018
Josie Duncan,
Mechanical Engineering, 2014-2018 Now at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
Emily Gullette,
Bioengineering, 2016-2018 Now at USC Medical School, Columbia
Allison Mills, Biochemistry, 2017-2018
Joshua Sparks, Chemical Engineering 2015-2018
Jackson Grubbs, Materials Science 2017-2018
Morgan Sullivan, Materials Science, 2017 Now at Kiewit Corporation
Jenna Patterson, Mechanical Engineering, 2017
Peter Sterckx, Mechanical Engineering, 2017
Amanda Rickert, Industrial Engineering 2016-2017, EUREKA  Researcher Summer 2016, 2017
Jordon Gilmore, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2015-2017 Now Assistant Professor in Clemson University
Kayla Wallace,
Microbiology, 2015-2017 Now at GHS
Emily Kluttz,
Industrial Engineering, 2016-2017
Alton O’Neal,
General Engineering, Spring 2017
Faith Mitchell,
Microbiology, 2016-2017
Natalie Hanson,
Bioengineering, 2014-2017
Emanuele Giogli, MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2016 Now at Volvo Charleston
Joshua Flach, Mechanical Engineering, 2015-2016 Now at Savannah River National Lab
Anna Pitman, Bioengineering, 2016
Aynsley Hartney, EUREKA Researcher Summer 2016
Adam Baker, Bioengineering, UPIC Spring 2016 Now a Patent Examiner at USPTO
Andraia Li, Microbiology, 2015-2016  Now at MUSC, Charleston
Alisha Kifer, Nursing, Spring 2016
Paulo Figuereido de Lima, Mechanical Engineering, 2015-2016
Aylin Alvarez, Chemical Engineering, Spring 2016
Guillermo Contreras-Davila, Electrical Engineering, Visiting Researcher from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Fall 2015
Maria Fernanda Larraga-Martinez, Biomedical Engineering, Summer intern from University of Iowa, 2015 Now at Baylor School of Medicine
Haley Meier, EUREKA Researcher Summer 2015
McKinnon Reece, EUREKA Researcher Summer 2015
Emily Wakefield, Chemical Engineering, Fall 2014
Allison Leisgang, Biological Sciences, Spring 2015
Raygene Parks, Engineering,  2014-2015
Alicia Werner, Biological Sciences, 2013-2014  Now a PhD student in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology in UC Davis
Zachary Hargett, Bioengineering, 2013-2014
Madison Oldham, Bioengineering, 2013-2014
JonPaul Turner, Mechanical Engineering, Spring 2014
Hunter Pelham, Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2013