We are the Dynamic Matter Research Group at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Clemson University. Our long-term vision is to create a new generation of structures and material systems (aka. “matter” ) that can show programmable properties and physical intelligence (aka. “dynamic“). These dynamic matters, for example, could be mechanical metamaterials that can adapt its stiffness or Poisson’s ratio on-demand; soft robotic skeletons that can perform control tasks without any digital components; or building envelopes that can react to changes in the ambient environment autonomously. So they have strong potentials to advance our aerospace industry, robotics, and civil infrastructure significantly.

To build these dynamic matters, we take an integrated approach that encompasses the optimal design, fundamental analysis, and experimental validation. In particular, we focus on creating and harnessing unorthodox relationships between geometry and mechanics (aka. “architected extreme mechanics”). We take many inspirations from art and nature, such as the three-dimensional shapes from origami folding or titled helical arrangement of cellulose fibers in plant tissues. We believe that these geometries can induce new mechanics that can can open the avenues towards our long-term vision. Our research so far has been graciously supported by Clemson University and the National Science Foundation.

Dynamic Matter: Multi-functional structures or material systems that can show adaptable properties or physical intelligence;

Architected Extreme Mechanics: Carefully designed geometric features can generate unorthodox mechanical properties that are unavailable from the traditional matter.
We are looking for talented students, espcially at the Ph.D. level, to joing our research group. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Suyi Li through his email at suyil [at] clemson.edu.

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