BIOE 4480 - Tissue Engineering


3 Credits (2 Contact Hours)

Explores the application of engineering principles toward the development of biologically based substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function. Topics include biodegradable scaffolds, wound healing and tissue repair, cell-matrix interactions, immunology and biocompatibility, stem cells. Preq: BIOE 3020 and BIOL 3150. Preq or concurrent enrollment: BIOL 4610. Coreq: BIOE 4481.


BIOE 4481 - Tissue Engineering Laboratory


0 Credits (3 Contact Hours)

Non-credit laboratory to accompany BIOE 4480. Coreq: BIOE 4480.


BIOE 4510 - Creative Inquiry - "Image-Guided Drug Delivery to the Brain"


Variable credits

Students will work together to develop nanoparticle systems capable of delivering FDA approved contrast agents directly to the site of interest in the brain, with the goal of limiting toxicity associated with whole body exposure and off-targeting. Due to their small size, nanoparticles have the ability to load a high concentration of drug while simultaneously being targeted to specific areas of the brain, which would provide a dramatic improvement to current CT capabilities.