Under the NSF-funded Community Instrument and Facility (CIF) program, the Clemson SP2 is available for the atmospheric science research community to study the concentrations and sizes of airborne black carbon (BC) aerosols. The Clemson Air Quality Lab will provide expertise on the instrument operation and data analysis support if needed.

The Clemson SP2 is managed by PI Dr. Metcalf and maintained by lab technician L. David (Dave) Lipscomb and the lab’s graduate students along with Dr. Metcalf. The Clemson Air Quality Lab will make every effort to accommodate all the requests to use the SP2, pending a brief feasibility study considering the science goals and the plans for your proposed project.

Request Process

A potential CIF user can either request personnel from Dr. Metcalf’s research group, to participate in the project and to help out with the calibrations, deployment, sampling, and analyzing the data, or request training on the maintenance and operation of the SP2 for the duration of your project from PI Metcalf and Dave Lipscomb. The user will be charged for the incidental costs, insurance, and technical support from the manufacturer, and for the calibration supplies, shipping, any personnel travel, and deployment/training sessions.

Please fill out this google form to submit a request for the SP2, or email PI Metcalf directly at ametcal@clemson.edu.