Water Analysis

The goal of water analysis is to eventually be able to monitor the quality of the filters and the water of all 8 fountains in Cange and in the rest of the Central Plateau to be able to ensure that the water quality is not altered. We aim to monitor this right from a computer screen.

Waste Management

The Solid Waste Management (SWM) team has continued its research into solutions to Cange’s waste problem. The town of Cange continues to struggle with the accumulation of waste, with no viable method to dispose of it. The goal of the SWM team is to research a method that would allow the town to properly dispose of a portion of their waste while also serving a positive role in the local economy.


In developing countries like Haiti, access to sanitation and hygiene lessons are minimal. This is caused by the lack of quality and participation in the education system. In Haiti, 78% of students drop out by the end of primary school and only 60% of adults are literate. Even when students are in school, they often do not have access to sanitation and hygiene lessons. Lack of knowledge on these subjects can lead to many illnesses and often death in developing countries.

Slow Sand Filter

The scope of the Slow Sand Filter Project focuses on implementing an effective water filtration system in areas with a lack of access to clean water, like in Cange, Haiti. In order to make this project cost effective the team aims to construct a system that is reliable and easily maintained. Slow sand filters are a known method of removing pathogens and other contaminants from water, therefore making it safe to drink.

Ram Pump

Due to a lack of water resources, people in Haiti must resort to finding water from sources such as rivers, ponds, and waterfalls. Because of this region’s mountainous terrain, this essential task becomes very strenuous and time inefficient. Our goal is to improve water accessibility in developing countries through ram pump construction and information distribution.

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