The goal of water analysis  is to eventually be able to monitor the quality of the filters and the water of all 8 fountains in Cange and in the rest of the Central Plateau to be able to ensure that the water quality is not altered. We aim to monitor this right from a computer screen. We purchased pH, turbidity, ORP and TDS sensors for our prototype. Three of these sensors were purchased from Atlas Scientific. Our team has partnered with the Technical Solutions team to be able to develop an Arduino system that allows for the sensors to communicate with each other and output their data right onto a computer. The Technical Solutions team was able to successfully calibrate and code the pH and TDS sensors and is continuing to work on turbidity and ORP. We installed two different pipe fittings into our already existing prototype to allow for the sensors to freely sit into the PVC piping. After we installed these new pipe fittings we ran water through the system to ensure we had installed them properly. Our team also developed a Solid-Works model of a box that could potentially be used to store our sensors in the filter buildings down in Cange.