Clemson University
Electric Power
Research Association

What is CUEPRA?

The Clemson University Electric Power Research Association

CUEPRA was formed to give visibility to electric power research and meet the need for a working communications link between electric power companies and the academic community. Industry membership in CUEPRA is open to electric power producers, suppliers and distributors; power apparatus manufacturers; government agencies; and engineering consultants.


CUEPRA's aim is to excel in power engineering education and research by:

  1. Focusing more on speeding the contribution of University research to the power industry.
  2. Enhancing the ability of engineering graduates to contribute to the power industry competitiveness of the United States.
  3. Conducting research projects of special interest to the power industry, CUEPRA members and the University.

Clemson University is committed to operating an effective power system program that is significantly enhanced by the support and cooperation of the power industry. Through CUEPRA, faculty and graduate students tackle challenging research problems facing the power industry. In collaboration with power industry, the university builds a new intellectual culture to advance the power engineering research, education and technology. Results of CUEPRA-sponsored research are regularly distributed to member companies and at professional meetings, and are published in appropriate journals to advance the state of the art in the power industry.


  • Promote excellence in electric power education and research
  • Enhance the ability of graduates to significantly contribute to power industry global competitiveness
  • Conduct research projects of special interest to power industry, CUEPRA members and the University
  • Speed the contribution of Power Engineering research to the power industry
  • Establish Basis for technology transfer through CUEPRA meetings and conferences