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Electric Power
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CUEPRA Contract & Membership Benefits

The CUEPRA contract is an agreement between the CUEPRA member and the University to co-sponsor the program and pay the CUEPRA annual fee. The funding is used to support the CUEPRA office, and graduate students to perform research in power systems. Results of the CUEPRA sponsored research are regularly distributed to member companies and at professional meetings, and are published in power engineering society journals to advance the state of the art in the power industry. Every assistance is given to company members in establishing contact with the engineering faculty members in regard to initiating a specific research contract or service.

The focus of the power industry/university collaboration in CUEPRA is on knowledge and technological advances. The emphasis is on long term advances. Regular discussions and field testing create healthy environment for technology transfer. The discussion and feedback between the power industry engineers, faculty and students lead to: better understanding of industry technical issues and developing new approaches for solving practical problems.

To request a copy of the membership contract or for further information,
please feel free to contact CUEPRA.