Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Safety, and Training Lab

The BEST Lab at Clemson University broadly focuses on basic and applied research in biomechanics and physical ergonomics to enhance human health, performance, and safety in a variety of settings. Our focus areas include:

  • Human performance assessments (strength, motion, postures, and individual differences)
  • Biomechanics
  • Movement control and coordination
  • Motor learning and skills training
  • Work physiology and fatigue
  • Physical human-robot interaction

Recent News

Our students and participated in Exo Games Competition held in the UK.

August 15-17, 2023

In a whirlwind of wit and exo-fueled excitement, our students participated in the Exo Games Competition organised by American Society for Testing and Materisl (ASTM) hosted by University of Central Lancashire, UK .

For this, the team built a hybrid exoskeleton with a passive back support and an active gait support to assist during the challenges. They won first place in the presentation competition and third place in the overall competition. Read more