Lab Members - Undergraduates

Zoey Morton

Zoey Morton is a bioengineering major from Greenville, SC enjoying her junior year at Clemson. In the lab, she’s using magnetic fields to align collagen gels. Outside the lab, she enjoys riding horses, listening to music, hiking, and painting outside of schoolwork.

Bailey Pritchard

Bailey Pritchard is a junior bioengineering major from Pensacola, FL. He is currently researching how mechanical loads affect the crosslinking of collagen. Outside of school, Bailey enjoys golfing and mountain biking.

Kaleigh Neely

Kaleigh Neely is a senior bioengineering major from Jacksonville, FL. She is currently testing the effects of mechanical strain on collagen breakdown by protease treatments. Outside of the lab, Kaleigh likes to travel, hike, and watch Netflix.

Jennifer Forkin

Jenni Forkin is a junior bioengineering major from Chicago, IL. In the lab, she is currently working with Kelsey Watts to analyze the effects of mechanical factors on cardiac fibroblast signaling. Previously, Jenni interned at Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC where she performed quality testing on a wide range of wound and burn care dressings. While she's quite enthusiastic about her laboratory tasks, Jenni also enjoys reading, hiking, and finding new music.

Undergraduate Alumni
Tiffany Yu            2016-2017
Daniel LaShoto   2016         
David Evans        2017-2018