BioE 4480 Tissue Engineering (3)

Explores the application of engineering principles toward the development of biologically based substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function. Topics include biodegradable scaffolds, wound healing and tissue repair, cell-matrix interactions, immunology and biocompatibility, stem cells.
Preq: BIOE 3020 & BIOL 3150. Coreq: BIOL 4610 & BIOE 4481.

BIOE 4481 Tissue Engineering Laboratory (0)

Non-credit laboratory to accompany BIOE 4480. Coreq: BIOE 4480.

BIOE 4510 Creative Inquiry Bioengineering (1-3)

Disciplinary and multidisciplinary team research projects with the goal of developing the student skills in literature research, engineering design, and data analysis. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Preq: Consent of instructor.

BioE 4910 Mentored Research in Bioengineering (1-6)

Mentored research training for undergraduate students working with a faculty advisor, including literature review, experimental design, research documentation, and presentation of results. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Honors students must take six credits under a single advisor and write an honors thesis. Includes Honors sections. Preq: Consent of instructor.

BIOE 8730 Translational Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (3)

Focuses on the integration of tissue engineering, stem cell biology, material science, and transplantation science towards the regeneration of failing tissues and organs. Topics include cellular and molecular basis for regeneration, translational strategies, clinical trials, tissue and organ pathology, and bioethics. Preq: BIOE 8010

BIOE 8910 Master’s Thesis Research (1-12)

Master's Thesis Research

BIOE 8920 Non-thesis Independent Study in Bioengineering (1-6)

Independent study in bioengineering for work necessary to complete requirements for the Master of Science degree in Bioengineering, non-thesis option.

BIOE 9910 Doctoral Dissertation Research (1-12)

Doctoral Dissertation Research