We are an interdisciplinary research group interested in a broad range of fundamental and applied aspects of materials chemistry in general, and macromolecular science in particular. Our efforts are geared towards the design and synthesis of adaptive polymers and understanding the molecular level events governing their behavior in various environments. Synthetic efforts are directed towards the development of multi-phase stimuli-responsive nano-materials. Parallel efforts focus on the design of self-healing polymeric materials capable of upcycling with light sensitivity, corrosion inhibition, anti-fouling, antimicrobial, and other unique attributes. Using chemical imaging along with an array of other spectroscopic and macroscopic tools, Urban Research Group members design and develop new generations of materials with adaptable, sensing, and signaling  properties.


Dec. 2019. Dr. Chris Hornat joined Zymergen Co., Emeryville, CA.
Sept. 2019. Siyang Wang has been awarded the Kentwool Educational Fellow for Excellence in Graduate Research. Congratulations, Siyang!
Aug. 2019. Chris Hornat completed his PhD dissertation and has been awarded a doctorate degree at the August 2019 commencement ceremony. 
April 2019. Dmitriy Davydovich has won the First Prize in Materials Research Society (MRS) and Optical Society of America (OSA) annual poster competition at Clemson University. 
April 2019. Dr. Ying Yang has accepted tenure-track assistant professor position at the University of Nevada, Reno. 
Jul. 2018. Christian Pattyn (summer student; U. New Mexico) has won the best poster presentation award at Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) within the Townes Program.
Apr. 2018. Chris Hornat
took the 3rd Place in Clemson Graduate Research and Discovery Symp. (GRADS).
Oct. 2017. Dmitriy Davydovich
received the Award of Excellence 3rd Place at the Ceramic, Composite, and Optical Materials Center Poster Competition at Clemson University.
Apr. 2017. Chris Hornat
gave a talk at the ACS Spring National Meeting, POLY Division, Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symp., San Francisco, CA.




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