The Vyavahare Lab

Welcome to the Vyavahare Lab

We imagine a world where novel therapeutics will treat chronic diseases and improve the quality of human life. We think- one cannot live forever, but one can live a healthy life forever. We relentlessly develop novel treatment strategies to restore extracellular matrix and tissue function in diseased heart valves, aortic aneurysms, vascular calcification, diabetic Mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic kidney disease. We already developed novel nanoparticles that can target drugs to the diseased sites of cardiovascular and pulmonary tissues. Our most significant success is – preclinical proof of site-specific treatment formulation that prevented or reversed vascular calcification and aortic aneurysms and stabilized vascular structures in either aortic aneurysms or chronic renal failure. We are also developing tissue-engineered devices that can grow for babies with congenital disabilities. We believe in making a difference because we value the urgency in scientific research and translating that research into health benefits to millions of patients.

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