Tutorial on Modeling and Control of Hybrid Vehicles

June 11 2008 – Seattle

2008 American Control Conference

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  1. Overview on Modeling and Control of Hybrid Electric Powertrains
    By: Prof. Ardalan Vahidi, Clemson University
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  2. Understanding Opportunities for Energy Management Control in HEVs through Degree-of-Freedom Analysis
    By: Dr. Tony Phillips and Ming Kuang, Ford Motor Company
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  3. Configuration, Sizing and Control of Power-Split Hybrid Vehicles
    By: Prof. Huei Peng, The University of Michigan
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  4. The Role of System Theory in Reducing Energy Losses in Hybrids
    By: Prof. Lino Guzzella, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, Zurich)
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  5. Design and Control of a Renewable Energy-Based Eco-System With Plug-In/V2GHybrid Electric Vehicles
    By: Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni, Ohio State University
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