Advanced Fabrication and Testing Core

The AFT core generates new or revised devices and tools via an advanced 3D solid model based design environment and corresponding 3D rapid prototyping fabrication capacity for medical use metal and polymer materials. In addition, the biofabrication capacity for hydrogel based biomaterial is provided for new therapeutic carriers. The AFT core also provides in- house capabilities for design, fabrication and installation of custom designed sensors and associated instrumentation for functional assessment of devices, tools, and therapeutics at body, tissue, and cellular levels.

Hai Xiao, Director
Fei Peng, Co-Director

Objective: Provide investigators a centralized resource for 3D model-based design, rapid prototyping, and advanced testing to facilitate musculoskeletal research.

  1. Using 3-D Design and Rapid prototyping, enable investigators to create components required to perform virtual human trials.
  2. Assist investigators in design, fabrication, installation and validation of sensors into physical/biological replica for in situ testing and preclinical testing.
  3. Become the preeminent source for rapid fabrication and testing for musculoskeletal health in SC.

Services and Equipment:
  • 3D printers for rapid prototyping (Solipro, BigBuilder, MakerBot, Objet, Z-corp, Solidica, Water Jet) for polymers and metals
  • Information centric smart manufacturing – for fabrication of smart parts
  • Ultrafast laser micromachining system – for fabrication of micro sensors
  • Near-field nanofabrication, spectroscopy, and multiphoton microscopy – for fabrication of nanostructures
  • General purpose machine shop services (Engineering design, Precision Machining, Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering and Electronics/Instrumentation)
  • Instrumentation and testing tools (Electrical and microwave equipment; Optical characterization equipment)
  • Microscopic imaging tools (TEM, SEM, FIB, OCT)
  • Material property characterization tools (X-ray, DMA, MTS/Instron, impact, fatigue and wear testing)
  • Spectroscopic characterization tools (Raman, FTIR)

Resource Mentors:
Dock Houston - Resource Mentor - fabrication, machining and CAD drawing
Yongji Wu - Resource Mentor - electrical designs and instrumentation
Tong Ye - Resource Mentor - optical biomedical imaging

To request service, please submit the AFT Core Service Request Form to:
Hai Xiao (Director),