David A. Zumbrunnen, Ph.D., P.E.

  Warren H. Owen - Duke Energy Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering
   Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Clemson University
    Clemson, SC 29634-0921
    Office: 221 Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building
    Phone: (864) 656-5625
    Fax: (864) 656-4435
    E-mail: zdavid@clemson.edu


      Ph.D., Purdue University, 1988
      M.S.M.E., Purdue University, 1984
      B.M.E., University of Minnesota, 1977

 Professional Information:
      Inventor: Structured Materials Formed by Chaotic Advection and Smart Blending Technology
                     (Clemson University's most inquired about invention in recent years)     
      Patents: >Chaotic Mixing Method and Structured Materials Formed Therefrom,
                     D. A. Zumbrunnen and O. Kwon, Patent Number US 6,770,340 B2, August 3, 2004
                    >Composites with Encapsulated Structures and Related Method,
                     D. A. Zumbrunnen, M. S. Ellison, and B. L. Gomillion, Patent Number US 6,902,805 B2, June 7, 2005
                    > Others approved or pending in smart blending machines and materials
      Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
      Board of Directors, Experimental Properties & Structure Division, Society of Plastics Engineers
      Research featured on covers of Journal of Materials Science, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Plastics News,
             and in Plastics Technology Magazine and Plastics Age (in Japanese)
      Founding Research Thrust Leader (New Processes), NSF Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films
      Presidential Faculty Fellow (White House / NSF 1992-97)
      Invited Participant, Symposium on Frontiers of Engineering and Joint Japan-US Symposium
              on Frontier of Engineering, National Academy of Engineering (2001, 2005)
      Member, Center for Nuclear Environmental Engineering Sciences and Radioactive Waste Management
              of Clemson Environmental Institute
     US Security Clearance: Top Secret (requires renewal)
      Assoc. Technical Editor, Journal of Heat Transfer (1998-2001)
      Indiana, Professional Engineer
      South Carolina, Professional Engineer
      U.S. Naval Officer (nuclear trained, submarine service)
      Staff Engineer, M.P.R. and Associates, Washington, D.C.

 Research Interests:
      Formation of polymer blends & composites by chaotic advection
      Physical properties of polymer blends and composites
      Polymer films and membranes
      Manufacture of pharmaceutical products, medications
      Electrically conducting plastics & glasses
      Computational modeling of multi-component flows
      Fundamentals of chaotic advection / chaotic mixing
      Permeation in polymer blends and composites
      Nuclear energy & radiological systems
      Convective heat and mass transfer: surface motion, unsteady effects 

 Research Activities, Selected Publications and Tutorial on Structured Plastics:
     Laboratory for Advanced Plastic Materials & Technology (LAPM&T).

Teaching areas:
      Renewable energy sources
      Nuclear energy (fundamentals, power plant licensing, design and operation)
      Engineering design
      Courses in thermal / fluid sciences
Memberships in Professional Societies:

      Society of Plastics Engineers
      American Society of Mechanical Engineers
      American Institute of Chemical Engineers
      American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
      American Nuclear Society
      American Chemical Society
      Materials Research Society
      American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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