Mission of LAPM&T

Laboratory Mission and Contributions to Knowledge

pulsating water jet
Folding by chaotic advection in melts electrically conducting plastic Collapse of island in chaotic mixing
Nonlinear Dynamics of Boundary Layers, Heat/Mass Transfer
Fundamentals of Chaotic Advection
Electrically Conducting Plastics
Modeling of Multicomponent Chaotic Mixing
interpenetrating blend
multilayer morphology

percolating networks
Nano-droplets Formed by Chaotic Mixing
Novel Interpenetrating Blends & Strength Enhancements
Multilayer Blends & Permeation
Percolating Networks by Chaotic Advection

The Laboratory has made several original contributions to the body of knowledge and technology. 

The principles of materials science and transport phenomena (e.g., diffusion, complex liquids) are applied in the Laboratory for Advanced Plastic Materials & Technology in research to develop advanced plastic materials and processes. Investigations are performed to further fundamental understanding while also directly benefiting industries and governmental agencies. Polymer blending, polymer films and fibers, polymer composites, injection molding, physical property characterization, computational modeling of non-Newtonian flows in multi-component melts, applications of chaotic advection and chaotic mixing, and heat/mass transfer are subjects under investigation.

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