Welcome to the Sensors, Materials, and Analytics for Regenerating
Tissues (SMART) Laboratory!

The Sensors, Materials, and Analytics for Regenerating Tissues (SMART) Laboratory is a part of Clemson’s Department of Bioengineering and is housed in the Rhodes Research Center. Our interdisciplinary team is focused on engineering biosensors and biomaterials for tissue regeneration in chronic wound applications. Additionally, we incorporate big data analytics techniques to build quantitative and qualitative diagnostic systems for real-time wound assessment in clinical and point-of-care settings. Analysis of large, multi-dimensional data sets is important in a variety of bioengineering contexts. Our group is also applying our data analytics expertise to biomanufacturing applications, specifically in the control and optimization of bioreactor cell culture for the production of cell-derived drugs.

The SMART Lab was founded in August 2017 by Dr. Jordon Gilmore. Our team consists of both graduate and undergraduate students with a wide variety of expertise. We believe that teams with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences are best suited to solve the complex biomedical challenges of today and tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting our webpage. Should you have any questions about what we do, or how you can engage with our team, please leave us a message. We are always excited to connect with new people and new ideas!

Jordon Gilmore, Ph.D.
Phone: 864-656-4262
Email: jagilmo@clemson.edu

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