BioE 3700: Bioinstrumentation and Imaging

Introduction of fundamental topics in bioinstrumentation and bioimaging focused on the acquisition and monitoring of vital signals. Basic principles for the selection and appropriate use of instruments for solving bioengineering and medical problems such as microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasounds, among others, are addressed. Preq: ECE 202 or 307; and MTHSC 208; or consent of instructor.

  BioE 4510: Creative Inquiry

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Designing with Docs - In bioengineering, the opportunity to collaborate with clinicians in the design of biomedical devices is considered the highlight of any design experience, but usually these design experiences are limited to senior year, if at all. Clinicians are an essential contributor to the design process, in that they are both the users of biomedical devices, and often the first point of contact for problems that occur in their use. Typically, students explore design related issues, and recruit clinicians to support their work. In this new CI, clinical collaborators that have the support of their clinical innovation departments will work with students to create the next generation of biomedical devices. This CI will be open to all undergraduates, and projects will be multi-semester, to support the development of long-term innovations in healthcare.