TRIMH Group Leadership

Hai Yao, Ph.D.
SC TRIMH Principal Investigator and Program Director
Professor and Ernest R. Norville Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Email: haiyao@clemson.edu

Research Interests:
Dr. Yao’s research expertise spans a spectrum of topics ranging from basic research on cartilage/bone mechanobiology to translational research of orthopedic/dental implants, tools, and therapeutics. His team’s work contributed to the world’s first demonstration of a functional full synovial joint regeneration. The research is conducted at multiscale levels from whole body to single cells, including imaging-based joint kinematics (body level), tissue characterization and constitutive modeling (tissue level), single-cell mechanics and mechanobiology (cell level), and molecular transport and assembling (molecular level). This approach provides new perspectives on the understanding of skeletal tissue degeneration and regeneration processes by bringing together the principles of biomechanics, biomaterials, and biology.

Martine LaBerge, Ph.D.
SC TRIMH Associate Program Director
Chair and Professor of Bioengineering
Executive Director for CUBEInC

Email: laberge@clemson.edu

Research Interests:
Dr. LaBerge has conducted research in orthopaedic biomaterials and biomechanics for the past 25 years. Her research interests include the evaluation and characterization of natural and artificial surfaces used in the design of orthopaedic implants. Her laboratory is recognized for its pioneering work in determining the phospholipid profile of articular cartilage and its contribution to synovial boundary lubrication, and for the tribology of total knee replacement.

Windsor Westbrook Sherrill, Ph.D.
SC TRIMH Executive Committee Member
Provost's Distinguished Professor of Public Health Sciences
Associate Vice President for Health Research
Chief Science Officer for Prisma Health-Upstate

Email: wsherri@clemson.edu

Research Interests:
Dr. Sherrill's health research spans diverse disciplines, including health finance and policy, health services evaluation, health disparities and health management education. Her work has been funded by NIH, AHRQ, HRSA and health related foundations. In her role as Associate VP for Health Research at Clemson University and Chief Science Officer at Prisma Health-Upstate, she has been instrumental in facilitating collaborations between Clemson investigators and clinician scientists at GHS and other health system partners. She provides key leadership for this initiative and supports clinician engagement, project development, and clinical translation.

Michael Kern, Ph.D.
SC TRIMH Executive Committee Member
Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology
Email: mjkern@clemson.edu

Research Interests:
Dr. Kern’s current research is focused on congenital birth defects particularly cleft palate, tooth malformations, salivary gland defects, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and intervertebral discs (IVD). The research in his lab is particularly focused on a group of 16 human homeobox genes that play a role in the development of many of these tissues. His research is also highly collaborative in working with Clemson faculty such as Dr. Hai Yao. He has studied the TMJ and IVD how it is altered in function, composition, cellular activity, and molecular aspects of diffusion and energy consumption.

Thomas Gallien, BA
SC TRIMH Program Manager
Email: tgallie@clemson.edu

Mr. Gallien, who has more than 30 years of experience in grant and program management, provides daily operational support for the program. Mr. Gallien serves as a liaison between the many entities involved in the program, facilitates trainee interaction with the Clinical Advisory Committee, and as a member the MUSC IACUC and IBC committees, assists trainees addressing research compliance matters. Please feel free to contact Mr. Gallien for SC TRIMH information.