The EASt Lab has ample space for individual work, collaborative work, and conducting human subject studies. A study room full of desks, monitors, and working students provides a great atmosphere for focusing on writing that next paper.  A conference area with a large TV and several white boards gives students a space to collaborate in teams, share ideas, and plan a solution to that hard problem that’s been giving them a difficult time.  Three rooms provide space for conducting studies and allow for isolated data collection right inside the lab! Not to mention that Dr. Neyens’ office is right next door, with a library of books and resources to help with your current study design or data analysis problem.

We maintain a National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) MinSim driving simulator. The MiniSim is a ¼ cab with integrated video and data collection tools. The system also has adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane keeping modules incorporated into the vehicle dynamics model to allow for studies relating to the impact of these systems on driving performance and safety. The MiniSim can be used to conduct safety and ergonomics studies related to driving behavior and performance associated with advanced in-vehicle technology and also in evaluating virtual improvements in roadway infrastructure

The GazePoint GP3 Eye Tracker is a 60 Hz, easy and fast calibration, ultraportable eye tracker. It allows us to conduct eye tracking and usability studies using displays up to 24 inches.

We maintain an Intel RealSense F200 Camera that is capable of detecting and identifying gestures. The camera is being used to evaluate healthcare and transportation applications of gestures. It can detect when you’re waving at it, but unfortunately can’t wave back.

A step above smartphone VR applications, the HTC Vive is a fully immersive virtual reality system within which users can interact with a virtual environment.  The HTC Vive gives us the potential to have users explore and interact with complex healthcare environments directly from the EASt Lab.

We have a simulated anesthesia workstation including a simple patient simulator. This workstation allows us to explore different angles of anesthesia work right from the EASt Lab. Thankfully we have many collaborative partners in healthcare settings to provide us with the real deal when necessary.