Lab Director

David Neyens
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering

Email: dneyens [at]

Phone: 864-656-4719
Office location: 124 Freeman Hall​

Dr. David Neyens’ primary research interest focuses on human factors application in  health care. Dr. Neyens and his students use sophisticated analytical and statistical models to quantify operators’ behavior and performance in complex systems and situations. He is particularly interested in understanding the effects of technology on operator’s behavior and performance and overall system effectiveness.

Graduate students


Rong Yin
PhD Student
Email: ryin [at]
Josh Biro
MS Student
Email: jbiro [at]

Undergraduate students

Zachary Junkins
IE Student
Avery Turner
IE Student


Program Alumni

PhD Alumni

  • Katherina Jurewicz, PhD, 2020
  • Myrtede Alfred, PhD,  2017
  • Sijun Shen, PhD,  2016
  • Naji Abdelwanis PhD, 2013


MS Alumni

  • Joshua Biro, 2020
  • Courtney Linder, MS, 2020
  • Courtney Kinman, MS, 2018
  • Katherina Jurewicz, MS 2016


  • Mary (Ali) Hobbs, MS, 2016
  • Elizabeth Jamison, MS, 2016
  • Haley Vaigneur, MS, 2015
  • Puneeth Kalavagunta, MS 2015
  • Sagar Puro, MS, 2014
  • Susan Robinson, MS, 2014