Dr. Neyens is always looking for interested and qualified students to join the lab.  We often have a diverse array of students, all are welcome to apply and work at the EASt Lab.

Potential PhD Students
There are openings for PhD students. If interested, please send a letter of intent and your CV to Dr. Neyens and please reference one of our lab publications that interests you. 

Masters Students
There are also a few openings for Masters students. If interested, please send your resume/CV and a letter of intent to Dr. Neyens and please reference one of our lab publications that interests you.

Undergraduate Students

EASt Lab has a few open positions for undergraduate researchers (UGRs) at all experience levels (including first- and second-year students). To apply, please contact Dr. Neyens.

What skills do Undergraduate Researchers (UGRs) gain at EASt Lab?

  • Qualitative Data Analysis (e.g., Interviews, Observational data, Focus groups)
  • Quantitative Data Analysis (e.g., Statistical analysis, Data analytics, Programming)
  • Attend Scientific Conferences (EASt sends UGRs to prestigious conferences regularly to present or to learn)
  • Lead an experiment (UGRs will learn how to design and run lab studies involving human subjects)
  • Build knowledge in multidisciplinary fields (our projects involve collaborating with various fields including nurses and physicians, public health practitioners, computer scientists, engineers, psychologists, and architects)
  • Try out graduate level research by working with MS and PhD students to see if you are interested in graduate school.
  • Design and develop prototypes (EASt Lab’s applied research focus allows UGRs to design, develop, and test technology in naturalistic environments)