Costs & Scholarships

Costs for CU students

  • You can enroll in  3 or 6 summer credits. Same cost for residents or non residents.
    • Technical Elective (3 credits): PHYS4750 or Creative Inquiry as ME2900, ME3900 or ME4900 depending on academic standing .
    • IS2010 Cross cultural Awareness (3 credits)
  • University Administrative Fee. 10% of Tuition reflected as Study Abroad Fee.
  • Program costs ($950). Includes:
    • Housing in Monterrey (Residencias III connected to campus, featuring gym and pool).
    • 2 Group Meals total in SC  and Monterrey.
    • 8 industry visits total in SC and Monterrey including transportation.
    • Group transportation Clemson-GSP, Monterrey Airport-Tec and Tec-Monterrey Airport. * Only if traveling in the dates and times specified by the program.
    • Insurance
    • Airfare. Tickets are around USD$750 round-trip GSP-MTY.
    • Housing in Clemson.
    • Regular meals. A per diem of MXN$250 pesos is recommended for your stay in Monterrey.
    • Personal expenses = personal taxi, entertainment, etc. and Gifts. ~USD$150 is recommended.
  • Questions? contact us

$4.5k worth of Scholarships available for 2017

  • Limited to Clemson University students with GPA >3.0. All eligible applicants will be considered after their application is finalized and program deposit has been paid. There is no separate application for the scholarship.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis so apply early!
  • $450 towards program fee ($950-$450=$500 program fee for scholarship winners) if enrolling in 3 credit hours.
  • $950 towards program fee ($950-$950= $0 program fee for scholarship winners) if enrolling in 6 credit hours.
  • Student still responsible for airfare, housing in Clemson, regular meals, personal expenses and summer tuition.
  • Scholarships available thanks to the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund