Things to do

In Monterrey

MTY Airport

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Monterrey Travel Site

Canyoning (examples of outfitters)  Emocion Extrema    Gaia Xtreme     Aventurs

Pueblos Magicos:  Santiago    

Caves (Grutas de Garcia)

Low-cost Airlines to travel around Mexico:   Vivaaerobus     Interjet        Volaris


In Clemson

GSP Airport  (45 min from Clemson University campus)


Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center (Y-beach)

Lakes:   Hartwell         Keowee       Jocassee/Devils Fork Park

Short drives (<1.5 h):   Greenville, SC    Asheville, NC    Helen, GA  

A bit longer drives (<2 h): Atlanta   Charlotte    Carowinds     Whitewater Center

South Carolina Tourism Office

Rafting (examples of outfitters):     Rolling Thunder       Wildwater Rafting


Zipcars in CU campus

Enterprise Rental Car