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News from the Clemson University Center for Workforce Development

Strategic goals of the Clemson University Center for Workforce Development

CUCWD supports demand-driven education, research, dissemination and outreach that will advance economic development and enhance employment opportunities for South Carolinians thereby providing industry with a highly qualified talent pool of next generation technicians, engineers and scientists. Our strategic goals include:

Design high-quality digital learning tools

Create curricula, virtual reality simulations, and teaching and learning resources for online and hybrid environments

Facilitate distribution of digital learning tools

Accelerate the dissemination of our learning tools via EducateWorkforce.com

Improve technological workforce diversity
and quality

Utilize sustainable pathways and innovative STEM integration

Provide rigorous evidence-based research

Technological education and workforce development research projects

Virtual Reality Simulations and Digital Learning Tools

CUCWD creates novel learning experiences with rich media and virtual reality simulations. Our online learning platform, EducateWorkforce™, is designed for easy accessibility and comprehensive means of engagement.

Virtual Reality Development

The Clemson University Center for Workforce Development actively produces virtual reality simulations in-house for educational partners and industry clients.

  • Simulation content covers a wide spectrum of scenarios including full manufacturing floor representations to proprietary equipment function and safety features.
  • Our simulations are designed for maximum accessibility, and run inside a web browser in virtually any operating system.

Online Learning Platform: EducateWorkforce™

CUCWD’s online learning platform is called EducateWorkforce™. It is the first platform specifically built for and tailored to the unique needs of 2-year institutions. It consists of both basic and advanced courses focusing on the needs of technician education.

  • EducateWorkforce™ is comprised of video lectures, virtual reality simulations, open texts, and interactive assessments.
  • Students express what they know through varied, targeted and research based assessment strategies, activities and instant learner feedback.

Online Learning Modules Created


Virtual Reality Simulations Created


Partners’ Perspectives

CUCWD depends on strong relationships with our partners from technical colleges and industry. We wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals without their support, and their feedback is essential in shaping our offerings and activities.

“The digital resources CA2VES/CUCWD offers small to medium size manufacturing firms will help them not only compete around the globe, but also retain employees.”

Chuck Spangler

CEO/President, SCMEP

“CA2VES is at the forefront of developing innovative tools to train the next generation of skilled manufacturing technicians. We are proud to work with the team to build these exciting curricula and VR technologies.”

David Clayton

Executive Director, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)

The CUCWD/CA2VES staff is an amazing team of scholar practitioners. Their ability to develop research-based solutions to assist technical colleges with advanced manufacturing pedagogy using virtual reality and AI platforms is second to none.

Hope Rivers

Executive Vice President, SC Technical College System

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