Virtual Reality

Immersive by design.

Virtual Reality in Education

Exploiting the power of virtual reality in education has been our goal from the beginning. Through rigorous research and concept design, our experts in education, virtual reality and gaming have collaborated to produce state-of-the-art simulations that give users hands-on experience and facilitate skill transfer. But we don’t stop there. Our development efforts have supported research on the efficacy of VR systems for skills transfer – research that has attracted national attention in the National Science Foundation community and with the advanced manufacturing industry.


Total VR Simulations Created

With over 100 VR simulations employed throughout a variety of modules and courses, we continue to be at the forefront of creating an immersive experience for technological education.

The Virtual Advantage

Whether in high school classrooms, 2- or 4-year institutions, or industry settings, our VR affords the user a virtual hands-on experience with tools, equipment and scenarios that may not otherwise be possible to train on.

Our virtual simulations range anywhere from using precision measurement instruments in a 2-dimensional space to highly immersive 3-dimensional safety training scenarios in a virtual advanced manufacturing facility using the Unity3D game engine.

So whether you use our existing VR modules for your classroom, partner with us to develop VR for your technician education program, or need high quality VR for proprietary training, we have the resources and experience to help you take your next virtual step.

  • 2D animations and guided content
  • 3D modelling and guided content
  • 3D environments using Unity3D
  • Immersive 3D virtual reality using Unity3D and OculusRift

Developing Virtual Tools for Curriculum

The Process

Our development process takes into consideration various components of education and technology to produce an integrated approach to learning with VR.

Industry Needs Analysis

Educational Requirements Planning


CAD Modeling

Software and Graphic Development

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