Helping build a knowledgeable & sustainable workforce.

About the Center

The Clemson University Center for Workforce Development, or CUCWD, is a Commission on Higher Education-approved, statewide K-20 initiative to improve workforce educational capacity in STEM field across South Carolina.

Our mission is to provide educational resources to 2-year colleges, industry and individuals that help prepare a highly-skilled workforce to meet the needs of the advanced manufacturing industry. We do this through collaboration with partners, development and dissemination of high quality educational resources and virtual reality simulations, and through conducting rigorous research to enhance the learning experience.
Our vision is to embody a new national model that engages universities, 2-year colleges, K-12 institutions, statewide industry and federal agencies to deliver workforce education tools that have the power to transform the economy of our state and region.
  • Design and develop high quality digital learning tools including curricula, virtual reality simulations, and teaching and learning resources for online and hybrid environments
  • Facilitate and accelerate distribution and implementation of the digital learning tools developed by CUCWD and its partners via
  • Increase diversity and quality of the technological education pipeline through sustainable pathways and innovative STEM integration
  • Provide rigorous evidence-based research in the technological education and workforce development fields
  • Sustain a leadership role and prominent network focused on developing and advocating a national model for workforce development initiatives


The relationship between CUCWD and CA2VES

CUCWD and CA2VES are two synergistic centers that work together to combine the reach and resources of Clemson University to research, develop and broadly disseminate virtual reality components and digital learning tools to support workforce needs.

Through the shared resources of these two Centers, the goal of increasing educational attainment, accelerating business growth, and improving employability and wages for the workforce becomes more attainable each day.

Our Experience

The team at CUCWD has a wide variety of skills and experience to make our vision become reality. With experts in virtual reality simulation development, technology integration, curriculum development and public policy, our diverse team brings the necessary experience to research, develop and implement our products for broad impact on our state and national economy.

The curriculum and virtual reality experts at CUCWD team up to develop demand-driven VR and curriculum resources for 2-year institutions to meet workforce education needs.

Some of Our Stats

  • 72 VR simulations
  • 60 total curriculum modules
  • 160+ collaborators
  • 50+ conference presentations
  • 9 research studies