Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Joshua Bostwick.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Clemson University.  As a fluid mechanician, I work on surface tension-driven phenomena and their interaction with soft materials, with associated applications in biology and industry.

Research interests

My research addresses fundamental problems in fluid transport with an emphasis on wetting and spreading. In addition to widespread industrial and technological application, fluid transport  on solid substrates typifies the multiple-scale problem, as bulk, surface and line forces are coupled through a free-boundary problem. My primary interest lies in the interaction between the free boundary and solid substrate known as the three-phase contact-line and how this influences fluid motion. More broadly, I work on interfacial phenomena and pattern formation. Such problems are attractive because it is often possible to elucidate the underlying physics with clean mathematics, leading to analysis and computations to compare with experiment. Current areas of research are:

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