2018 Request for Proposals


C2M2 is a Tier 1 University Transportation Center consisting of five higher education and research institutions from South Carolina: Clemson University, Benedict College, The Citadel, South Carolina State University, and University of South Carolina. Our missions are to bring together complementary research expertise to solve challenges related to connected multimodal transportation services and to trial-test the developed innovative technologies in South Carolina. In our first round of funded research we focused on the development of a modern multimodal transportation systems that provides safe, efficient, sustainable and reliable transportation/mobility services of people and goods and real time integration of diverse smart city infrastructure. This year we are focusing on research that proposes to impact the current and future practices of transportation with an emphasis on projects with technology transfer plans that will create lasting change within the transportation field. We are also looking for projects that look into the long term cost benefit of upgrading to connected infrastructure and smart cities, both in lives impacted and the cost of improvement.

C2M2 Research Focus for Proposals for this Cycle

Research proposals should focus on our core mission statement to build our Center as “an innovation center for transforming multimodal transportation through connectivity, data analytics, and automation.” Each proposals should focus on how the proposed project will transform multimodal transportation systems. In this proposal cycle we would like to see technology development for the betterment of peoples’ lives and society at the forefront of the proposed project. We are also asking that all proposed projects contain a technology transfer plan, with the intention that funded projects in this cycle focus on the creation of tangible results and sustainable output. Our supplemental document (see attached) outlines suggestions for this technology transfer plan and further resources for its creation.

In this round of funding we are looking for projects that aim towards self-sustainability and focus on producing quantifiable results that can be tracked by both C2M2 and the USDOT. It is our intention to create a center that functions as a self-contained entity, which is not dependent upon the USDOT for funding and can broaden our scope of supported research. With this mandate in mind we urge you to think of projects that will produce a results beyond just academic merit. At this time we would like to see a focus on tangible results over academic, such as software development and technology advancements. If you are developing a project that does not produce a tangible result, then please explain how it will produce quantifiable results, and expand your technology transfer plan to explain the merit to this project. We also would like to remind you that an emphasis is placed on collaborative projects between researchers at our five participating institutions. In the case of equally competitive proposals, priority will be given to researchers who did not receive funding in the prior round of funded projects.

Please contact Charlotte at c2m2@clemson.edu with inquiries, or questions.