Non-Degree Programs

In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by C2M2 we offer several Non-Degree Programs as well. Our consortium provides a multitude of opportunities for people of all ages and professional levels to learn about the work we are doing in Connected Multimodal Mobility.  Listed below are some of the activities and programs that we currently offer, if you are interested in exploring these options further, feel free to contact us at for more information.

K-12 Activities

Each consortium institution hosts a variety of K-12 activities that we have integrated into the C2M2 program, like summer transportation camps, research programs for high school students, introduction to engineering events, live technology demos, and classroom learning modules. A large majority of these activities take place during the summer, when our consortium offers introduction to engineering programs and partners with established summer programs taking place at our consortium institutions. Examples of these programs are the Summer Transportation Institute that takes place at Benedict College, Clemson’s partnership with the South Carolina Governor’s School for Mathematics and Science, and the Citadel’s Tour of Engineering just to name a few. Our researchers are also happy to come visit schools throughout South Carolina to give presentations and demos, or to work with STEM teacher to develop age appropriate learning modules for the classroom.


Another way the center will provide experiential learning opportunities to students is through summer internships. In addition to the opportunity to do research with faculty on campus, students will have the opportunity to do internships at public agencies and private firms. Internships relevant to the mission of the center will be proactively managed and facilitated by the center’s administrative staff in collaboration with the career centers at the respective partner universities. This opportunity is open to all students interested in learning about Connected Multimodal Mobility, not just students affiliated with our Center or enrolled in one of our partner institutions. If you are interested in pursuing an internship with C2M2 please reach out to us with your area of interest, and we will work to partner you with a researcher.

Certificate Programs and Peer to Peer Information Exchanges

To help transportation professionals learn the skills needed to work in connected and data-driven transportation systems or to stay up to date in the latest advancements, C2M2 teams are working to develop e-learning modules and certificate programs. It is anticipated that in the next year, teams will develop four e-learning modules: (1) Data Analytics in Multimodal Transportation, (2) Security for Connected and Automated Transportation Systems, (3) Sharing of Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Vehicle Systems, and (4) Psychological, Political, Economic and Social Analysis of Emerging Data-Centered Connected Mobility Solutions. These modules will use the research outcomes from our research activities. They will be made available on our C2M2 website. Our center researchers also host workshops that provide Professional Development Hours to engineers in need and create Peer to Peer Information Exchange opportunities.