C2M2 Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab Launch

We are excited to announce that the C2M2 Quantum Artificial Intelligence laboratory (Q-AI lab) initiated research activities related to transportation cyber-physical-social systems. Quantum artificial intelligence can be leveraged to extract useful information from real-time, heterogeneous, and high-volume data captured by a plethora of data sources (such as loop detectors, traffic cameras, connected vehicles, pedestrians, cell phones, and social media platforms). C2M2 Q-AI lab has brought together researchers from five C2M2 partner universities from South Carolina to solve complex transportation issues. Using Q-AI will better equip transportation professionals with much-needed quantum computing skills for the emerging era.  Both faculties and students from Clemson University, University of South Carolina, Benedict College, South Carolina State University, and the Citadel actively participate in the lab projects. Earlier, C2M2 successfully held the 4th Annual Fall Conference on November 20th, 2020, and the theme of the IBM-supported conference was “Quantum Research for Transportation Cyber-Physical-Social Systems.”

Students from the C2M2 Q-AI lab are working on two specific projects related to transportation cyber-physical-social systems; the first is about real-time incident detection and management, whereas the second is about transportation cybersecurity. Using Cloud computing infrastructures, students are innovating ways to apply quantum artificial intelligence in projects under the direct guidance of C2M2 directors. 

In conjunction with our Q-AI Lab launch, C2M2 will also be offering our first Q-AI course through Benedict College. You can find more information about this course by clicking the link below.