C2M2 Distinguished Speaker – Angshuman Guin

The Center for Connected Multimodal Mobility (C2M2) would like to thank Dr. Angshuman Guin, Senior Research Engineer, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, for taking part in our Distinguished Speaker Series on February 19, 2021.

Seminar Title

Improving Incident Management and Traffic Operations with Machine Learning    

Seminar Abstract

In this webinar, Dr. Guin will provide some insights on how machine learning approaches can be gainfully employed to solve transportation operations problems, with a presentation of the research involved in an ongoing project at Georgia Tech. The study investigates several aspects of incident management operations at transportation management centers. It evaluates the feasibility of using crowdsourced smartphone application (such as WazeTM) based incident detection for reducing incident detection times. The study also investigates the feasibility of the use of automatic incident detection technologies to expand detection capabilities. A machine learning framework for creating consolidation strategies and filters that eliminate most non-critical alarms, and associates confidence values with the alerts has been developed in this study to aid TMCs in the prioritization of responses to incidents in real-time to optimize traffic operations.  

Speaker Bio

Dr. Angshuman Guin is a Senior Research Engineer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He returned to his alma mater to become a faculty member in 2007 after working in the industry for a brief period. Dr. Guin’s current research projects at Georgia Tech are broadly in the area of Freeway Operations, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Transportation Safety, Traffic Simulation, and Data Management. Dr. Guin has presented his work at several international conferences and his work has been published in well recognized peer reviewed journals. He serves on several standing committees of the Transportation Research Board including the committees on Information Systems and Technology, and Human Factors of Infrastructure Design and Operations. In addition to maintaining an active research portfolio, Dr. Guin is a strong advocate of translating research into practice and is the co-founder of a data analytics company.